Don't Blame the Weather!

As within/so without!   There is no separation.

These words describe in simple form the rather complex truth that we are never energetically separate from other living Beings.  We live in an envelope and that envelope is called Weather!   Our weather is influenced by the amount of sunlight, the temperature of tidal waters, air temperatures, degree of moisture in the air, speed of the wind, the rotation of the Earth on its axis, and the movement of the Earth around the Sun. 

I am not a scientist; and I do not believe it takes a scientist to observe what is happening on our Earth.   We cannot possibly pollute our waters, air, and soil without this having a lasting impact on our weather.  

Imagine adding a tablespoon of vinegar to 4 ounces of water and then drinking it.  Probably you could manage that, right?  Now add 4 ounces of vinegar to that same 4 ounces of water.  Can you drink it?  Is it palatable?  If you drink it, what does it do to your body?  Does it feel good? Can you function at your peak after this highly distasteful exercise?  Now imagine doing this every minute of every day.  How would your body feel?  Think you might vomit or get very sick?

This is what is happening with weather…it is coughing up…and it is directly a result of what we are doing to our Earth.   We are adding foreign objects that were not meant to be present in her body…her air, her water, her soil…the envelope in which we live…the weather.   

We are never separate from the weather.  Every time we add plastic to a landfill, when we dump our unused soda or beer into the soil, when we use herbicides to kill the weeds, when we smoke cigarettes or add other smoke to the air, and when we commit countless small unconscious acts against nature we are contributing to the madness of the Weather…the hurricane, the tornado, the fire, the earthquake, and the torrential rains.  She has to cleanse herself somehow.  

And then there is the emotional dumping we do into our Weather envelope.  The billions of hateful words and thoughts spewed from human mouths and hearts each day and the crimes against humanity and our beautiful natural world have built a repository of negative, nasty, energy from which we cannot separate ourselves…remember we are living in an envelope!  And then to top it all off, we send hateful words to the weather itself!   The weather is spewing it all out back at us.   It has to; you can only put so much air into a balloon before it bursts. 

What can we do?   We can wake up!   We can take small steps to send love and compassion to the hurricane, the tornado, the rain and the fires.  We can send love to the people we do not like.  We can resist judging others with hateful thoughts and words.  We can stop polluting the earth with unnatural materials and the air with chemicals and smoke.  We can support the advancement of solar power and reduce our use of fossil fuels.  If each family cut back their consumption of oils and their derivatives by 5 gallons a month, imagine the positive impact that might have on the wellbeing of the Earth.    You can pray for the government leadership to wake up!  Send them love; do not feed the hate…remember we live in an envelope and the hateful energy will come back to us, 

Send LOVE & COMPASSION to the Weather every day even if it is not your choice of weather manifestation…it cannot be sunny with no rain every day.    Weather has a big and challenging job; we appreciate Weather!

Don’t blame the Weather.  Take responsibility.