Being the Light in the Dark

In the midst of these dark days as we approach the Winter Solstice, it can be challenging to see the light in others and in ourselves. I believe it is because of the lack of daylight in December (in the Northern Hemisphere) that we have historically celebrated the birth of new life/light.  Our ancestors created all manner of ceremonies and rituals to dance the Sun back to them.   It does give us a boost of hope and peace, doesn’t it…just believing in the return of the Sun and gathering with family while holding fast to our traditions and rituals.  

 We hang lights on our homes and on evergreen trees to entice the light to return to us, we sing perhaps a bit more than normal, and we greet others with extra cheer in our voices…despite the darkness surrounding us.   We gather together like our ancestors did, huddled against the darkness and looking to the sky for the return of the Sun!  We eat too much just in case there won’t be more tomorrow…our DNA tells us to do that!  (Well,…maybe!)

The darkness gives us purpose.  Without it we might take the light for granted.  Shine your light during these days of darkness and know that you are helping others to find their way through the darkness.  Be the person in your family who lights the first candle and invites others to light theirs too!   Miracles do happen and the light always wins!