The Passing of Time

I have been musing about “time” since I recently celebrated my 70th birthday. What in the heck is “time” other than some random human creation to control us. People talk about “saving time”, but how do you do that?  

I don’t have a savings account for time, do you?   As far as I can see, time is in constant motion and impossible to capture and likely cannot be corralled and added to a savings account at your local bank. 

And then there are people who say “make time for ______."  I wonder, how do you make time?   Is there a manufacturing plant somewhere that I haven’t found? Is there a time making machine that is being kept secret by the keepers of time?

And then some unknown (to me) brilliant humans decided to mess with us by altering time in the spring and autumn. The sun currently sets at about 5:30 where I live, but in a few days it will set at 6:30…how does that happen? Does someone lasso the sun and hold it in place for a while? Or maybe there really is a savings account for time and some unknown persons deposit an hour of time there and then withdraw it later??

My conclusions about understanding time…guess I won’t be accomplishing that this year…maybe when I’m 80?? Let me know if you have figured it out; I’m opened to understanding.   For now, I will watch this gorgeous sunset and forget about time!