Ringing True

Truth has its own resonance.  Can you feel the truth when you are in its presence?     And do you know it when you hear it?   When a dance is danced with deep authenticity—we feel the truth in it.    And when a song we have ignored for ages suddenly hits us, moving us to tears, it resonates deeply, something true we need to hear right now. 

Lies are confusing, especially when they carry a modicum of truth.   Lies can confuse because they carry this kernel of truth, and we can feel the resonance.  The larger the lie, the more disbelief and disorientation happens—and if it is a piece of truth (or knowledge) wrapped in a whopping outsized lie, we want to believe it, because it is easier to believe than the size of the lie.  Author M. Scott Peck talks a lot about this in his book People of the Lie.)

So, applying this to our lives, how do we steer through fake news, polite but ingenuine “I’m fine”s, and confusion?  How do we find our own true north?  Especially as Shamanic Practitioners, it is really important to develop our own internal compass or gauge that helps us detect truth from confusion, manipulation, or just proliferated misinformation.

In this month’s 84th podcast, we explore truth from a shamanic practitioner perspective, and ways to calibrate your own truth gauge.   I look forward to your comments.