Healing with the Solar Eclipse

Without a doubt you have been flooded with information about the upcoming Solar Eclipse.  I am not going to add to the deluge of data. Let us all agree that on August 21st we will collectively be turning our eyes to the sky.   (Be sure to use adequate eye protection!).  

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, I would be remiss not to share some insight or wisdom about this cosmic happening with you.  So I offer this: 

My spirit guides have given me a simple ceremony and instructed me to share it with you!  This ceremony brings down the power of the eclipsed sun to heal the pain and suffering of all Beings on Earth at this time.  I invite you to listen to this month’s podcast where this ceremony is shared.   Please perform it!   Why? Because we all accept that this extremely powerful eclipse will be impactful for all living Beings.   In that power lives the seed to heal the preponderance of fear and anxiety that currently permeates the hearts of millions of humans and as a consequence negatively impacts all Beings on Earth.  

I have pondered how our ancestors likely responded to similar cosmic events.  I imagine they experienced grave fear that their future was in complete collapse. 

How fortunate we are to live at a time with an abundance of scientific knowledge and information.   Evidence assures that the Sun will be totally shadowed for a mere couple of minutes.   But let us not render this approaching event to the ho hum logical data driven way of the ordinary.   This is a huge spiritual occasion!  Harvest the benefit and power available to you and all Beings on this day.

Go here to access the podcast!  I suggest you listen to the ceremony in advance of 8/21 as there are simple elements to gather prior to performance.