Stepping into the Potential of Every Moment

Today’s chilly Maine morning awakens me to the truth that fall is around the corner.  With each passing year my impression is that summer is more and more brief. The consequent sorrow about its departure is at the tip of my heart.  With aging comes the realization that there are limitations to life in a body and the experience of precious Maine summers is not infinite. For readers who do not live in the immersion that is a Maine summer, imagine that feeling of emptiness and loss following an intimate and joyful visit with a loved one.  That is the good-bye feeling of the waning summer in Maine. 

While I let go of the enchantment of summer days, my mind and heart simultaneously know the truth…that every second of every day holds the equal gift of beauty and magic akin to the most glorious and magnificent moment of a Maine summer day. 

As we approach the shorter hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere, I invite you to fall into grace with me.  Let’s open all our senses to the glory of each moment of every literal as well as metaphorical season.  I am reminded of Adyashanti’s invitation “to take the backward step into the pure potential of every moment.” His message in these words demonstrate, for me, that I can grieve the loss of glorious summer days while at the same time inviting each moment of grace and beauty surrounding my every breath. Let’s not wave good-bye to today!   But rather, let us hold hands in this moment and rejoice in the exquisiteness that is life!