Spiritual Challenge of Our Time

As a global group of shamanic practitioners, where do we stand on highly charged and deeply divisive issues? 

How are we to respond to the outrageous words and actions of individuals and groups, particularly those that may be polar opposites of our own individual beliefs and opinions? 

The spiritual practice of shamanism has no inherent rules, regulations, or tenets.  It has no hierarchy or appointed leaders.  Each person who practices this ancient means of deep spiritual connection experiences direct revelation through and with their helping spirits…power animals, upper world teachers, ancestors, and other vetted spirit guides.  Consequently, there is no one unified response to political stances or issues or any other earthly situation or conflict.   

However, intrinsically true in the practice of shamanism are these truths and principles:

  • a reverence for all living beings (plants, animals, humans, etc.)

  • the acceptance and belief that we are (in spirit) all one

  • an understanding that there is no hierarchy among living beings

  • the adoption of daily practices and beliefs that do no harm to any living being

  • a devotion to the life of this planet, Earth, our home

  • an understanding that we are spirit living in a body

  • practicing shamanism with a spirit of integrity and unity

It then follows that we do not participate in slinging mud or demonizing any person or groups of people.  Given the highly charged political atmosphere during these times, THIS is our spiritual challenge!  Are you up to it?  Can you do your best to avoid feeding the hatred, misogyny, racial division, as well as the emotional and physical crimes against others?   You see when we express our hatred for those with whom we disagree we are feeding the thing we despise and absolutely do not want!   We get back exactly what we feed our inner and outer combatants.   Remember the story of the grandfather who was asked which wolf residing in him would win his inner battle?  He simply responded to his grandson by saying, “the one I feed.” 

Which wolf are you feeding?   You are not expected to be perfect, but you are expected to be vigilant, to do your best to express your feelings, and to do so without harming any living being, including yourself.

This is the spiritual practice of your life!