Taking Cues from Nature

As the days shorten and temperatures begin to tumble during evening hours, my heart becomes acutely aware and appreciative of light and the growing shadows. 

With the Sun approaching its lowest path, deep shadows are cast in the landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere. This rich golden light is a photographer’s haven and balm to the souls of many, including me.   

The shaman’s path is to pay attention to all the solar system and all of nature present.  Historically, the worldwide indigenous peoples’ lives hinged on paying attention to the most miniscule details of their surroundings.  Look up!  Look Down! Look all Around!   Sit on the Earth; Look up at the Sky!  Pay attention to the ants; in what direction are they traveling?

As modern day shamans we easily fall into the tendency of using techniques we consider more advanced than that of our ancestors.   Telling the season or the time of day by looking at a clock or in 2018 by checking your iPhone.  Noticing the light and shadows because we are taking a photo not because we are merely gazing at the beauty.

Today, as the Earth repeats its cycle around the Sun for one more day, I muse about whether our modern day techniques and inventions have made us better capable of survival or if in fact they have contributed to our being more dispensable as a species.   What will become of our species if we actually forget to:

Look Up!  Look Down!  Look all Around!  Sit on the Earth; Look Up at the Sky!

Certainly I do not have the answers.  But, it begs pondering on this day when the Sun is slowly approaching its lowest path in our view!