Lessons in Sustainability

My recent musings have been about trusting and taking many things for granted.  Isn’t it true that we just expect and trust that the sun will rise in the morning, that spring will come and the snow will melt, and that the birds will continue to fly to our feeders?  These are merely expectations into which we do not generally put much thought effort. But, what if these generally accepted norms were to end unexpectedly?  How would you cope?  What would you do?   

Perhaps you have had to adjust to the loss of a loved one… a huge shake up in the normalcy of your ongoing life.  This shake up is one to which one never adjusts entirely.  On a slightly smaller scale, perhaps you have had to move to a new city or a new neighborhood or home.  It takes weeks, months and years to attune to a new environment.  

And, yet, the largest of these potential losses, and those to which we do not give much time and attention, is that of the sustainability of our very lives on this Earth. We are quite complacent about the greatest threats to our routinized existence…like clean water, breathable air, the sun’s warmth being adequate and tempered, the moon being visible through our atmosphere, trees growing, birds singing and flying, clouds moving and dropping rain…to name a few.  

Most of you reading this musing of mine are likely on the same page as me in relationship to these concerns.  So, I ask myself, how can we, as a community of likeminded people, make a difference?  Can I or can you help just one more person to understand …really understand … the urgency to take action, to pray, and to send love to all the natural forces that sustain our lives on this Earth.  Can you help one person understand the need to stop using plastics at a rate that is destroying our oceans and lands; can you guide one person to comprehend the need to not pollute our air…the very air we and all living beings need to sustain life on this Earth?   

I often feel helpless about these matters, and yet I know, that education is the key to solving most issues and problems. Can we each step out as individuals and educate one more human about the urgency of reversing the path of destruction on which we currently tread?  

Can you educate and invite one person to use less plastic, to not overuse fossil fuels, to do simple things like carpool, recycle every darned thing that is recyclable or take some other step toward sustainability? These small acts of education do not need to be confrontational.  Education is not about making another person wrong; it is about showing and guiding and pointing out how things might be different and perhaps demonstrating what might and could happen if we do not change our course.   Can you try this with one person?  Imagine the potential impact if every one of us took this small step. 

Today…right now…I am committing to educating one person about a small change they can make toward our sustainability and the health of this Earth.  Join me?