Expansive Elasticity

Following the theme of the current newsletter, let's talk about expansion and elasticity.   Recently I have been reading about neuroplasticity and elasticity and the brain’s ability to continue developing and expanding regardless of aging or developmental challenges.   

It appears that science is catching up with what ancestral shamans and mystics have known for centuries…that the human experience is not stagnant unless we allow it to be so.  

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by creating new neural pathways throughout the whole of a human’s life!  What a concept!  Goodbye to the old logic of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  I was first introduced to the concept of neuroplasticity when I studied the practice of transfiguration with Sandra Ingerman. Since then I have engaged in this practice growing new neural pathways and expanding my state of being!  It works for me and for my clients as well!

The scientific study of elasticity of the brain is proving that our ancestors used more of their brain’s utility than historically credited. Their adaptability to changing circumstances and environments are directly related to their use of what Leonard Mlodinow calls the “elastic thinking” function. He points out that we as modern day creatures have fallen victim to repetitive tasks lacking in creative thinking or engagement of the imagination resulting in loss of this “elastic thinking” that enabled our forebears to thrive despite constant and sometimes unthinkable changes in their environment and daily lives. This is revolutionary to us as 21st century thinkers, and yet it is not a new discovery but a re-imagining of our ancestors ways of being.

Viva la imagination! Celebrate the creative nature of you! Step out of the box and into the wide opened landscape, color outside of the lines, dance, draw, expand!!  This is your birthright; claim it!