Much-Needed Medicine

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, sang Mary Poppins. Sugar as a chaser to your medicine, though appealing, is not a panacea by any means. In fact, today we know the opposite to be true. Mary Poppins was surely singing about some nasty tasting herbal concoction she was attempting to get the children to swallow. 

But, today’s understanding of medicine has broadened to include herbal and folk medicines, allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and energy medicine, to name a few.

I am particularly drawn to various forms of energy medicine, of course, and love the fact that the word “energy” is followed by  “medicine”. As humans we are so ego bound that we actually believe we have invented “energy medicine” in the past couple of decades. Ha! Our ancestors were actually quite clever, highly intelligent, and their comprehension and use of energy for healing is likely a major contributor to our human species’ survival into the 21st Century.   In various periods of history, hands on healings were performed in religious revival tents, in circuses, by traveling medicine healers, and by witches, druids, and tribal peoples who knew without doubt that their connection to the power of Mother Earth and the spirits could heal any physical or emotional issues. 

Going back to the mystics of Eurasia, one finds evidence to the belief that seeing only perfection and health created that end results. There was no disease in the minds of the energy healers; only wellness; therefore, there was only wellness. You are what you think and believe! 

Now the Earth needs us! Mother Earth needs our hands and hearts. She needs us to believe and see with our hearts and souls that she is healthy.  There are billions of humans on this planet. It is possible to create a critical mass, a human web, dedicated to the reversal of injuries resulting from centuries of abuse and neglect that our dear Mother Earth has sustained due to human destructive behavior.  

 It is our duty as energy workers to dedicate our lives to this purpose.  And we cannot achieve that end by worry and wringing our hands about the death of the Earth. We must see only beauty and love and radiance. Joining hands and hearts we can make a difference.  There are methods already developed to do this energy medicine.  Please read Medicine For The Earth by Sandra Ingerman.  Go to Sandra’s website and sign up to be a regular participant in the web of light with members from around the world who meet every Full Moon to shine light and healing energy on the Earth Mother that she may sustain her resilience and heal her wounds.  Do it NOW!  And then come to the Medicine for the Earth Workshop at Omega, Rhinebeck, NY from July 8-13, 2018 – I would love to see you there!