Experiencing Global Grief

Grief is a natural part of life…as natural as joy and other human feelings. Grief is, however, a feeling we all hope to never have to experience; but, yet, it is inescapable. 

Sooner or later, you will be faced with the loss of a loved one, a colleague, a friend, or a neighbor, and consequently faced with this feeling you want to avoid. This has been historically true for all the days of human life on Earth.

What is not historically true is the experience of global grief.  We live now in a period of history when we are connected to the entire world. The trauma experienced by world citizens are in our daily consciousness. And even if we avoid the TV news, newspapers and other media, grief resides in the collective consciousness and impacts our vitality and our empathic, energetic, felt sense of life. This truth multiplies the volume of grief in our human vessel.  We are all in a state of grief whether we recognize it or not.  Given this condition, how do we care for ourselves?

What we know about grief is that it needs to be expressed or we are in peril of physical, emotional and mental health crisis. Grief can show up as sadness, depression, anger, or a feeling of being completely lost, or not caring.

If you feel like crying and you don’t know why, you are perhaps overwhelmed by collective grief. Go ahead and cry; you don’t need a tangible reason…let it out! If you feel inexplicably angry and want to lash out at someone, perhaps you are overwhelmed by shared grief.  Find a way to discharge your anger without harming another. Throw a ball at a wall or play catch with your child; scream into a pillow; sing at the top of your lungs.

If you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed by life, share your feelings with someone; call a hotline, tell your spouse or a friend how you are feeling. You do not need to have a reason for these feelings; they just are; you may be suffering from the collective sense of feeling lost and sad beyond words.  

If you are feeling physically unwell and your doctor or medical team cannot explain why, take a look at your grief meter. Are you feeling overwhelmed by what is happening around the world? Do you feel weighted down or unable to process the volume of negative news?  Many of us are kinesthetic, empathic, and we thus somatically experience our grief. Our body holds the truth. If resonates with you, find a way to move these feelings out of your body.  Walk, hike, bike, do yoga, dance, scream, shake, move in some way.    

I hope that this musing inspires you to develop your awareness around how global grief is impacting you so that you may take whatever action will be of benefit to you. Because, you see, as we heal ourselves, we heal the collective