Believing in Miracles

In the mid 1960’s, a close family member was seriously burned in an industrial accident because of a chemical explosion. 

He was not expected to survive; he had 6 children under the age of 8.  Being Catholic at the time, all family members fell to their knees and invoked the power of all the saints, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and anyone else who may be able to help with a miracle!  

My sister asked our family priest to pray for a miracle, and his response was curt and clear: “There is no such thing as a miracle.”  I will never forget this, and, despite my youth and his spiritual authority, I knew he was not correct.


My memory sometimes calls up the moment of this decisive declaration from our family’s spiritual leader.  What could he have been thinking?  How could he not know that miracles abound?  He was a spiritual man who hundreds looked to for inspiration and guidance and yet he did not believe in miracles, at least not for our family. 

What I know today is that miracles are not merely for the pious, the religious zealot, the pristine heart of your saintly grandmother, or the innocent child. Miracles are for everyone!   Extraordinary miracles of healing happen around the world by the hundreds of thousands every day.  We do not hear about these on the news because they do not sell advertising; yet, they occur and they are true and real. You do not have to seek counsel from someone you believe to be, or who calls him/herself, a spiritual leader to hear truths about miracles. You merely have to show up every day expecting miracles!

If you, like the priest I mentioned above, do not believe in miracles, step outside for a mini course in miracles! Watch the flight of a butterfly, pay attention to how the raindrops jump off the pavement, hear the sound of the hummingbird’s wings, watch the clouds break up and reorganize themselves. Read incomprehensible stories of survival from natural disasters, accidents, illnesses, and accounts from people who died and returned to life.  Listen to your own heartbeat! And then tell me if you still do not believe in miracles.

I challenge you to a study in miracles!  Ask ten random friends or family members to tell you the story of a miracle they have witnessed or experienced in their lifetime. I am confident you will hear ten awe-inspiring stories!  We all need inspiration in these challenging and stressful times; let’s talk about miracles! Let me know what you learn.  

PS. The family member I mentioned above is alive and fully functional 53 years later, a true miracle, still in the making.