New Year's Resolutions

Stories unfold chapter by chapter.  And so it is true that in our embodied lives special events such as marriage, childbirth, anniversaries, graduations, new jobs, and more, annotate our chapters.  

We also create artificial chapters by noting the passing of time, such as the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another. The celebration of the New Year brackets a day when we set intentions, or what some call resolutions, for the year ahead.   

I consider New Year’s resolutions an incomplete ceremony, one that is stuck in mid-air. You see, how can you begin a new chapter without ending the previous one? The power of commitments, intentions, or resolutions sits in the celebrant’s willingness to first let go of what is being left behind.  In my opinion, New Year’s resolutions have devolved into what is often, sadly, words spoken while toasting the New Year with champagne or other alcoholic beverages.  The tragic truth is that many people do not even remember what they said during that toast.

Do you want to correct the intention or resolution you made for this New Year?   If so, I suggest you sit quietly and contemplate or meditate about what you desire to release from the past year whether that is a sad memory, a problem with physical, emotional or mental health, or some error in judgment that you realize has taken you down the wrong path.  Do this with intention. Set a space and time when you will not be interrupted…maybe make a fire if you have that possibility, or light a candle and sit with your journal or a notebook. When you are ready, write down what you are absolutely willing to release. And again, when you are ready, let go by setting your notes into a fire, or placing your folded notepaper under a quartz crystal in the sun, or perhaps under the Full Moon.  Or, meditate about another way you can ceremonially release. And follow through with that ceremony.

Now, you are ready to set your intentions for the New Year.  Again, sit quietly and meditate or contemplate what you want to create for yourself during the coming year.   Maybe play some comforting music as you do this. Remember, this is not about what you will sacrifice during the coming year.  Many people resolve to diet. This is setting you up for suffering. Instead, replace this suffering resolution with an intention to take steps toward greater physical health by eating nutritious and balanced meals.  This is inspirational.

Once you have completed your intentions for the New Year, set them free to manifest in the wind.   Wind is powerful. It takes your intentions to the worlds beyond our reality where there are no barriers to manifestation.  One idea is to blow your intentions for the year into a long piece of ribbon, then tie this ribbon onto a nearby tree branch.  Leave it there for the wind to play with for the entire cycle of the New Year of 2019. Or, again, meditate or journey to gather information on a ceremony you can perform to caste your intentions into the wind.  Bubbles also work well!

Happy New Year and Blessings of Gratitude for the Wind and all your Intentions!