Taking 5 Minutes

Are you marching forward or have you been placing your inner life on hold?   Your work, commitment to your children, completing household tasks, going to medical and other appointments, getting to the kids’ soccer practice on time, and so many other daily requirements, may be interfering with your stepping forward with the growth of your inner life and your soul’s larger purpose.  

Entertain, for a moment, the notion that you could accomplish all of the above while continuing to advance your personal growth and spiritual evolution in ways that nurture you. How might you accomplish this?

I love the concept of five minutes at a time.  Five minutes to meditate, breath, close your eyes, light a candle, feel the breeze, listen to the birds, make music, dance, stretch, or lie your tired body down.  Yes, five minutes! Rather than consuming the multiple five minute intervals you squeak into your daily routine to do more tasks like answering an email or swishing soap over the dirty dishes, perhaps you could steal away those same five minute intervals to practice deep breathing, stretch your body, dance around the kitchen, or whisper gratitude into a candle’s flame.

These five-minute restorative escapades provide the medium to feed your soul’s purpose, open you to hearing your heart’s song, and perhaps even inspire you in ways you cannot currently imagine. Spiritual evolution, though unquestionably jump- started by attending retreats and workshops, does not always necessitate the time commitment these events require.  However, ongoing spiritual evolution does necessitate systematic focus on your inner life…even five minutes at a time. Remember this…five minute intervals add up to hours over a period of days. These short intervals will likely bring you great joy and will simultaneously nourish your hungry soul. Maybe you won’t get to answer that email until later, or perhaps the dirty dishes will pile up, but with a happy soul and a heart that sings, what will that matter?