Restore, Renew and Rebuild

If you are a shamanic practitioner like me and you are working “with” and “in” spirit a good deal of the time, you may find it is quite easy to forget that your spirit currently resides in a body that does not have infinite powers and reserves.   

This is a lesson I have spent most of my years as a practitioner learning and re-learning. It is very easy for me to be “in” spirit. As my astrologer would say, “it is where you actually live, Dory, not here…out there!” As a result, my body is the last to get noticed because my Spirit just naturally overrides it!   

For those who are called to service it is quite easy to just keep going and forget to renew, restore, rebuild, refill and heal our own body/mind/spirit.   The price for not doing so can be great! The American model is to work until someone tells you to stop…or in corporate America to log in to your vacation account to see how many hours or days you have “earned” then find the time to take those days of vacation with friends or family.    In the world of the self-employed healing practitioner, no such “model” exists. We must each individually make our own model. And what if we don’t do that? We are potentially left with feeling depleted, perhaps not well physically, and consequently at risk of no longer being as effective in our healing and/or teaching practices. 

How many of you actually keep track of how many hours a week you work? I know I don’t…and,  I bet most of you would be astonished to find that you work far more than 40 hours a week and yet you do not compensate yourself with vacation time or long weekends or sabbaticals to restore, renew or rebuild your energy reserves.   

I’m changing my ways!   I need a week every 3 months to Restore/Renew/Rebuild and from now on I am going to take it…I commit to that!  That is…after I complete the 3-month Sabbatical I am currently enjoying! I challenge you, my dear self-employed practitioners to look at your own patterns and find ways to walk away… go sit in the woods, by the water, read a book, write your novel, paint, dance, sleep, pet your dog or cat, just rest for a few days each month or for a week every few months…learn these new patterns…your body/mind/spirit will reward you with new energy, new inspiration, new growth, new ideas, and restored power to share with your clients and students.  Let me know how this works for you and I will share my successes with you as well.