Susan Savell, Minister & Founder of The Peace Church

Susan is an ordained minister and is well-known throughout Maine as the Founder and Minister of The Peace Church, an interfaith, intentional, spiritual community.

The Peace Church met in Portland, Maine for a period of about seven years. Because of Susan's ministerial standing, she is able to perform legal marriage ceremonies and this is her major role within CELH.

Wedding ceremonies led by Susan and others at CELH are not ordinary, out-of-the-box, ceremonies. Each wedding is custom planned and orchestrated to meet the needs of the couple being married. In order for Susan to familiarize herself with the goals, intentions, and the love the couple has for one another, it is customary for Susan to meet with the couple at least twice before the ceremony.  Susan has performed hundreds of marriage ceremonies for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples throughout the United States.   

Susan is also an accomplished vocalist with four album recordings and is able to sing with accompaniment when requested. Susan's recordings are available on CD Baby, ITunes, Spotify and numerous other online streaming sites.

Susan's full time employment is as a community leader, creating funding and programs that promote positive child and youth development.