Welcome to Dory’s teacher training!

Welcome to this private Teacher Training webpage!
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In preparation for permanently stepping away from teaching yearly apprenticeship programs, I have invited you to train with me in a private, closed group of ten students.  My goal is to prepare you to teach apprenticeship programs or any of the separate shamanic healing modalities included in a yearlong program such as an apprenticeship. I have also made every attempt to invite students from varying regions so that there will not be a flood of new teachers in one area.

This invitation has been extended to only those of you who I perceive as ready to move into a teaching role, who are also dedicated to shamanism, and who have the aptitude and other traits of a person who I believe would potentially be a good teacher.  

Below are a few of the details regarding what you will learn, the homework you will be expected to undertake, and how we will work together over a period of four weeklong sessions spanning three years. Meeting dates are listed below.  All meetings will be held at The Kennedy Learning Center/Camp Kieve, Nobleboro, ME. Tuition information is also below.


Session 1:

  • How to be the teacher and not the student

  • A teacher’s appropriate boundaries, and how to deal with projections

  • How to deal with the difficult student

  • How to deal with the student who wants to be the teacher

  • How to use the Internet for Resources

  • How to create interest in a workshop

  • How to Teach :  Power Animal Retrieval

  • How to Teach:  Shamanic Extraction

  • How to Lead a Power Dance


Session 3:

  • Conversations about your homework in prep for Student Teaching

  • How to set age limits for your workshops

  • How to INSPIRE your students to connect with the natural world

  • How to lead songs and movement/embodiment of the work 

  • How to include art in your workshops


session 2:

  • How to prepare a workshop outline and notes

  • Do you want a co-teacher or not?

  • Do you want an Assistant or not?

  • How to deal with interpersonal problems within the Circle

  • How to become inspirited while being fully present

  • How to work with a disabled student (hearing/sight/mobility)

  • How to Teach:  Added Content to an Apprenticeship Program 

  • How to Teach:  Death and Dying 

  • How to Teach:  Nature Spirits

  • How to lead a Fire Ceremony

  • How to lead a Despacho Ceremony


Session Four:

  • How to Teach:  Soul Retrieval

  • How to Create Homework Assignments for your students

  • How to do follow up with students when workshop is complete

  • How to get a newsletter, blog and other media connections established

  • How to get support for yourself when things get tough

  • Loose ends

Student Teaching:

During two days of this week, you will be assigned a partner to Student Teach a body of shamanic work (work to be chosen by me) to volunteer participants who will be students in a Circle for a full day.  You will rotate assignments so that each Student Teacher partnership has an opportunity to teach each of eight modules over two days.  

Student Teaching will be done on Days 2 and 4. Conversations, feedback, observations, and questions about experiences will be had on days 3 and 5.  Dory will also be providing private, one on one feedback to each Student Teacher during this time and again by personal contact with each Student Teacher prior to Session Four.



This area of the program is a bit more difficult for me to predict, however, I am certain you will be required to read several books, practice teaching small segments of programs with one another, and researching areas you will want to add to your teaching offerings in order to personalize them.  You will definitely have to practice creating fire ceremonies and despachos with small groups near your own home base in order to get comfortable with those teachings and offerings. As well as practicing teaching people how to connect with nature.

Between Sessions Two and Three you will be preparing materials you will be expected to Student Teach to a volunteer Circle during Session Three.  This will be a fairly big and somewhat time consuming homework assignment.   

Between Sessions Three and Four I will be asking you to do research around areas of interest to you. 

There will be more in the way of homework that as I said, is challenging for me to predict as I write this outline.

Meeting Times & Extras

Meeting Dates

  • November 15-20, 2020

  • March 28-April 2, 2021

  • September 26-October 1, 2021

  • May 9-13, 2022


  • $350/mo from August 1, 2020 through August 1, 2022 (24 months). Includes housing in double occupancy and all meals). Private rooms available at additional cost.

  • We offer a discount for those able to pay full tuition up-front. Please inquire for details.

All sessions will meet for 3 ½ hours in the morning, 4 hours in the afternoon, and two or more hours in the evening on Mon-Thurs,  on Sunday evening for 2 ½ hours, and on Friday for 3 ½ hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. 

There will be two or more Zoom Calls between each session (of 60-90 minutes in length) and participation is encouraged though not required.  Sessions will be recorded. 

Dory will be available for one on one coaching in person, Zoom or telephone for 30 minutes each month (and time can be accumulated if desired.)

You will receive outlines and notes about essential content to shamanic teachings of power animal retrieval, extraction, death and dying, nature spirits, and soul retrieval.  Other handouts will be distributed as appropriate.