Free Online Classes on Shamanism, Spirits and Spirituality

Dory has created a series of introductory online classes that are available to the public for free. Please feel free to circulate widely!

What Do All These Omens Mean?

Have you ever wondered why you see particular animals or birds?  What do you suppose it means if you often see heart stones?   And what about those vanity license plates with a message you really need today; or numbers that you see repeatedly?

I will explain how to work with omens, how to interpret omens and how to ask for omens to guide you in your daily life.   The Universe is always conspiring to guide and help you.  You just need the code!!

Who is that Spirit Around You?

Have you wondered what a Spirit Guide is and why do some people call them Spirit Helpers or Spirit Partners?   Are Spirit Guides the same as Ghosts?  Why would a Spirit Guide be a helper for you in your life’s journey?

In this class we will talk about the cornucopia of possibilities in the Spirit world and how you might come to distinguish your personal Spirit Guides from the mass of Spirits around us.  How do you trust the messages you get from your Spirit Guides?

I will help you understand how to develop a meaningful relationship with your Spirit Guides and teach you how to get answers you can trust!

The Parade of Power Animals

What is the difference between a Power Animal, a Spirit Animal and a Totem Animal?  Is this stuff real?  Who is your Power Animal; how do you find out?  How do you relate to this spirit being who is an animal and not visible to you?

 In this class I will teach you how to get information about your Power Animal.  And we will discuss how your Power Animal really brings you power in times of need.  We will talk over the ways in which a Power Animal can help you with your child’s insecurities, nightmares, fears, problems in school, and much more!

Who is Your Tribe?

What do you mean, tribe?  I thought that was for indigenous people only!  How is a Tribe different than a Community?

I will explore with you how being in a “tribe” is a fundamental necessity to your spiritual, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.  We will talk about how you become part of a Tribe and how to deliberately choose your tribe wisely.

We will talk about how a shamanic gathering can be tribal in nature and how to secure a tribal attitude in your group or circle.  In our time together I will introduce you to the particulars of a Winter Virtual Retreat Series I will host and how we will create Tribe!