What is soul retrieval? 

In ancient times the Shamans understood that when a person experiences a trauma, whether it is physical or emotional, that it is possible that a part of their soul's vibrant essence may leave them, seeking safety.

Just as our minds and emotions often "dissociate" after a traumatic event (sometimes even creating a loss of memory of this event), so does a part of our soul or spirit, sometimes leave us.

When a part of our vital essence (spirit) leaves us, it can cause many symptoms in our body, mind and spirit. Often this is experienced as depression, loss of purpose, listlessness, anxiety, physical pain, nervousness or illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and a litany of other disorders and diseases.

The Shaman, having been trained, is able to journey outside of time and space to find and bring back those parts of a person's vital spirit essence. This process is called Soul Retrieval. Please go to CASE STUDIES on this website to see some stories of the results of Soul Retrievall as experienced by clients of The Center for Earth Light Healing.

Please see the video on Soul Retrieval for more information.