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Reclaim Your Power
Replenish Your Vital Energy

has been in active full-time practice since 1999 serving clients throughout the world. She channels spirits who partner with her to provide healing at the soul level. You can expect results from your session with Dory; she has a 90% success rate with clients who have engaged her for compassionate, loving, healing work.

Dory Cote

Master Shamanic Healing Practitioner & Certified Energy Healer

Dory holding a cup of tea

Shamanic Healing

Interested in how shamanic healing can help you reclaim your power and return to your true self?

Workshops & Events

Want to advance your spiritual development?
Check out our many workshops.

When I teach or work with clients, it is not me doing the work... I am guided by my spirit partners to heal, speak, teach, lead and empower others...
this is the essence of who I am.

— Dory Cote, Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

Beautiful Nature

Latest Shamanic Musings

Dory's Shamanic Musings are now live on Substack!
They can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

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