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  • Soul Retrieval
    In these current times, the ancient ceremony of Soul Retrieval is as sacred and necessary as it was for our ancestors. During a Soul Retrieval Ceremony, I travel outside of space and time to find and retrieve essences or qualities of your soul that left you at any point in your life – from being in the womb to more current days. It is also possible to have lost a soul essence in a past life and if that is where I am taken, then the past life essence of your soul that did not reincarnate is returned to you. Our soul is the foundation of our life. Without the full power of our soul, it is likely we will experience a myriad of symptoms. These are a few possibilities: depression, sadness, lack of vital force energy, a sense of feeling lost or purposeless, a sense of something missing that you just cannot put your finger on, lack of direction or purpose in your work life, difficulty making decisions, relationship struggles, and more. When the soul essences that are outside of your energy body are returned through this sacred ceremony you will likely feel more buoyant and have a sense of renewed energy or direction or clarity. There are hundreds of potential benefits from soul retrieval and there is no way I, as your shamanic practitioner could know what your likely results will be. But I can tell you this. I’ve performed thousands of soul retrievals in my 25 years of practice and no one has ever told me that they did not experience a shift in their life. Following your Soul Retrieval ceremony, we will together create an important integration practice for you to do over the next couple of weeks. These practices need not take more than a few minutes and will be designed to easily work into your already existing daily patterns – such as your morning walk with the dog, or a craft project, your quiet time with morning coffee, or simply lighting a candle and being mindful for about 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • Ancestral Healing
    When we explore the lives of several generations, we find that we are the progeny of hundreds of thousands of ancestors. We have a saying in shamanism: Heal your Ancestors/Heal Yourself – Heal Yourself/ Heal Your Ancestors... Current studies in epigenetics have demonstrated that we carry the energy of our ancestors’ DNA from as far back as ten generations. Our ancestral shamans understood this truth because they felt it and lived it. We’re just catching up with our ancestral shaman’s knowledge and understanding of these truths from thousands of years past. This work is a highly impactful healing event that also provides healing for your current family and all your ancestors.
  • Extraction of Harmful Energies
    Similar to our ancestral shamans, modern-day shamanic practitioners, see and understand that negative thoughts, feelings, or actions that are directed toward you or absorbed by you when visiting a building or outdoor space that holds an abundance of negative energy, may impact your body, mind, spirit. We call these negative energies “spiritual intrusions.” They are not evil or possessive, they are merely negative energies that have penetrated your body energy. These intrusions may cause chronic pain, lethargy, chronic fatigue, and other autoimmune disorders that do not respond to traditional medicines. For instance, if you have chronic back pain that doctors have been unable to medically identify, it’s possible that your pain is caused by someone’s negative actions, thoughts, or feelings toward you. This is especially true for women or men who have been (or are currently in) a domestically violent relationship, have experienced sexual or physical assault at any time in their lives, or have spent time in an unhealthy environment whether at work or otherwise.
  • Communication with the Deceased/Mediumship
    Shamans have traditionally been gifted with the ability to connect with the soul of persons or animals who have died whether recently or in the past. My clients say and I accept that I’m particularly gifted in this ability. All I need is to know a bit about your relationship with the deceased, (mother, brother, spouse…), the person’s approximate age at death, they’re approximate geographic location at the time of death, and any other particulars that the client wants to share. Unlike traditional mediumship, in the practice of shamanism the practitioner travels outside of space and time in order to find and communicate with the soul of a specific deceased person or animal. My goals in this communication are to ease the client’s mind about where their beloved’s spirit resides within the celestial, to provide guidance about what as well as how the deceased is doing in spirit reality, and seeking answers to my client’s questions.
  • Divination
    Divination is the art of seeking answers as well as guidance about my client’s specific questions. For instance, you may want to know if a geographic move or a new job prospect is in your highest good. Or, perhaps you want to know how you can help one of your children, parent, or friend through a difficult time. In this shamanic journey, I work with a very specific helping spirit who is clear, concise, and compassionate. There are no boundaries to the nature of your questions, other than issues or topics that have nothing to do with you personally and/or that the spirits would likely find trivial, such as questions about whether you should buy a red or a blue car. Also, sorry folks, but you cannot ask about this week’s lottery numbers!
  • Healing For Children
    Children are exposed to the same traumas and events that we as adults encounter and as such are often in need of healing ceremonies such as Soul Retrieval, Extraction of Negative Energies, Power Animal Retrievals…to name a few. I’m passionate about working with children of all ages (verbal or non-verbal) in restoring a healthy balance to their precious soul. Problems with bullying, bedwetting, fears and anxieties, problems with sleeping, fighting with siblings, and outbursts of anger are but a few topics with which I have had an abundance of visits and successes. I’ve worked successfully with children who have modern-day diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Defiance Disorder, and other medical and psychological findings.
  • Healing With Spiritual Light
    Healing with Spiritual Light is an energetic healing practice that is highly effective in enhancing your healing potential. It’s especially helpful for persons suffering with cancer, a stroke, heart disease, and other serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. During a Healing with Spiritual Light ceremony, I’m in an altered state that allows my connection with divine light energy while placing my hands on the client’s head. Relaxing music fills the room; there is no speaking or movement. I’m absolutely still while toning an Om or similar sound. Clients’ report feeling elevated, often times feel heat coursing through their body, see images, or feel the presence of angels or departed loved ones. For maximum benefit, I highly recommend several back-to-back sessions of Healing with Spiritual Light.
  • Power Animal Retrieval
    Power animal retrievals are important and highly effective healing ceremonies. Power animals do just that — they bring you power. When someone has had a loss of power due to a divorce, surgery, the loss of a job, or any other modern-day challenging event, it may be helpful for them to receive the energetic presence of an animal spirit who, in a shamanic journey, has specifically asked me to imbue its presence in my clients’ energy body. A Power Animal is the spirit of an animal who once lived on the earth and is now in spirit form. They are animal angels, so to speak and as such they have tremendous power; for more than 40,000 years power animals have been the shaman’s spirit allies. Their presence in any person’s energy body is helpful in immeasurable ways. A Power Animal Retrieval is a simple ceremony that typically takes less than fifteen minutes to perform; it’s extraordinarily powerful for adults and for children.
As a shamanic practitioner, I am committed to providing the highest quality, ethical, professional, and confidential service.
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In earlier times, the shaman was responsible for all aspects of the community's wellbeing. As such, it is difficult to characterize all the ways I might be of service to you. Below are descriptions of a few of my services. If you do not see something here that addresses your question or concern, please fill out this form I’ve provided to request a complimentary 15-minute exploratory session. I’ll quickly respond to your request by return email. 


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Dory Cote is a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher in Maine.

— Sandra Ingerman, Author & Shamanic Teacher

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