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Dory is a brilliant teacher and practitioner.

Sandra Ingerman, author of "Healing with Light"

Dory Cote


Shamanic Practitioner and Healer

I am a nationally-known shamanic practitioner who brings passion and creativity to my healing sessions, creating a safe, sacred, and affirming atmosphere for my clients.

Headshot of Dory

For over 25 years, Dory Cote has offered shamanic healings, ceremonies and teachings for thousands of clients and students from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Having recently retired from teaching advanced shamanic workshops, both locally and as a presenter with Kripalu, Omega, and 1440 Multiversity, Dory currently devotes her energy and time to meeting with clients; Dory’s twenty-five years of experience in healing trauma through shamanic means, along with ancestral healing, communication with beloved deceased persons, removal of harmful energies, and spiritual counseling, are at the forefront of her practice.  

A peaceful image of geese soaring gracefully through the sky as the sun sets.

Dory has completed advanced shamanic trainings including a three-year program with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, a California based shamanic teaching institute, as well as with internationally well-known shamans that include Tom Cowan, Hank Wesselman, Ailo Gaup, Claude Poncelet, Nan Moss, and David Corbin. Dory’s apprenticeship and shamanic initiations with Sandra Ingerman, Dory’s primary Shamanic Teacher and an internationally renowned shaman, included a focus on the healing practices of Soul Retrieval, Extraction, and Ancestral Healing, as well as a an intensive two-year shamanic teacher-training.

Dory has received numerous accolades as a presenter and public speaker at symposiums, conferences, and programs focused on trauma recovery.


She is currently writing a memoir focused on how her trauma-filled life eventually led her to shamanism as a practice to help others recover their authentic selves.

Dory is married and lives with her wife in Maine with their two Portuguese Water Dogs. In her spare time, she loves swimming, being in the woods, dancing and cooking.

Lady, you have changed my life in such a positive and profound way. I am eternally grateful. 

— JT

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